Minecraft: Adventure Time
Image: Minecraft

Minecraft is continuing to smash through barriers as the most popular game of all time and is today celebrating a new achievement. The PC version of the game has now been purchased over 30 million times since it was launched 10 years ago in 2009.

This latest milestone continues the amazon success story of Minecraft. Microsoft purchased its developer Mojang in 2014 and by then Minecraft was already half a decade old an extremely popular. Considering the shelf-life of some culture changing games, it was a fair argument to suggest Microsoft entered too late and the game’s popularity would soon decline.

Of course, that never happened as Minecraft has continued to grow and thrive under Microsoft’s wing. The company has expanded the scope of the game with the launch of Minecraft Education and sales have continued to soar of the back of continuous content-rich updates.

Just last year, Mojang announced Minecraft had 91 million active users, the most it ever achieved. Since launching a decade ago, the game has sold more than 154 million copies. It is comfortably the most popular game of all-time.


Moving to Game Pass

In other news, the Bedrock update edition of Minecraft (Xbox One version) is now available to subscribers of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass services. The game is now available on the platform that allows access to hundreds of titles for $9.99 per month. It is worth noting the game usually retails for $19.99 on Xbox One.

As you may know, Minecraft on Xbox One also supports Cross Play. This is a feature that lets users on mobile, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch all play the game inter-connected.