Microsoft released a new Skype for web experience yesterday, but not everyone is happy. Though the latest update adds support for a number of useful desktop features, it also seems to deny access to Chromebooks.

Upon visiting the site, Chrome OS users are reporting a ‘device not supported’ message.

“Sorry, Skype for Web is not available on this device yet,” it explains. “Give it a try on your desktop computer instead.”


The clear issue is that Chrome OS doesn’t have a desktop version of Skype. On top of that, not every version supports Android apps, so some may be without it entirely unless Microsoft remedies the issue.

Linux and Browser Support Questionable

Unfortunately, support doesn’t seem complete elsewhere, either. Some Linux users are reporting the same error, while others don’t seem to have any issues.

In the browser world, it seems only Chrome and Edge exist for Microsoft. Visiting the site in Firefox returns a browser not supported error. In it, the company tells users to switch to a different browser, and we’re not confident that will change any time soon.

“Use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome to access Skype for Web experience. Alternatively, download Skype on your desktop computer,” it says.

Interestingly, we found that we were able to access Skype for Web in Firefox without any issues by spoofing our user agent. Making the website think we were using a Chrome browser on Windows 10 gave full access with no easily discernable bugs.

If you’re on a supported platform, you can expect a number of new features, including HD video calling, call recording, a notifications panel, media galleries, and message searching.