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Windows 10 19H1 Build 18342 Brings Linux File Support

Microsoft’s newest Windows 10 19H1 branch preview adds Linux file support to the platform, alongside gaming improvements and a new Chrome extension.


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has sent out the latest Windows 10 19H1 branch preview to Windows Insider Program members. The update bumps the preview line to build to 18342. This is a solid feature expansion as it adds gaming improvements, a Chrome extension for Timeline, and support for Linux files to the Win10 experience.

If you don't know, is the current preview branch for the platform. Microsoft will finalize the build in March where it will officially become version 1903. Early in April, the company will start rolling out 19H1 to all users, where it will likely be called the April 2019 Update.

This latest update will appeal to Linux fans as they can now access files in a WSL distro on Windows 10. Linux files can be accessed via the command line \\wsl$\, which shows a list of running distros.

Elsewhere in Windows 10 Preview build 18342, Microsoft has improved gaming on the platform. Finally, the company has announced a new Chrome extension called Web Activities. This is a Windows Timeline integration that collects activities to place on Timeline.

“Just sign-in to the extension on your Chrome browser with your Microsoft account, visit a site in Chrome, then watch it appear on Timeline – and pick up where you left off. Your Chrome activities will also sync with Timeline on Android devices using the Microsoft Launcher app.”

Bug Fixes

As usual, Microsoft has fixed some issues from previous preview release:

  • The new tamper protection setting in the Windows Security app protects your device by helping to prevent bad actors from tampering with the most important security settings. The setting is now on by default for Insider Preview builds.
  • Fixed an issue where Windows Sandbox would not start on localized builds.
  • Improved error reporting in Windows Sandbox. Now the error dialog includes the error code and a link to the Feedback Hub.
  • Fixed an issue where Windows Sandbox was unexpectedly throwing an error due to referencing a deleted file under Windows.old.
  • Windows Sandbox now captures hotkeys in full screen.
  • Windows Sandbox now supports configuration files, which allow users to configure some aspects of the sandbox, such as vGPU, networking and shared folders.
  • Improved the capabilities of the wsl.exe command line interface, by adding new features such as importing and exporting distros and consolidating existing features from wslconfig.exe, such as listing distros and setting defaults.
  • Fixed an issue where if the Magnifier was enabled and set to docked mode, machine would crash and reboot on sign-in creating a boot loop.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in build unable to log into WinRE with an admin account in the last couple of flights.
  • Fixed an issue where if you unpinned groups from Start, apps might end up thinking their tiles were still pinned.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in being unable to re-arrange pinned folders in Start's tile grid.
  • Fixed an issue where the text explaining the Downloads section of Storage Sense had unexpected characters in it.
  • Fixed an issue where Settings would sometimes crash when opening “Advanced Display Settings” from Display Settings.
  • Fixed an issue where after changing an app's audio endpoint, it might no longer follow master volume changes.
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to add a drive to the list of folders to exclude when setting up Enhanced Search in Settings.
  • Fixed an issue with the Settings header at certain window sizes where long names might be truncated in the middle, rather than wrapping properly.
  • Fixed an issue from the previous flight where right-clicking the desktop would bring up a light colored context menu in dark theme.
  • Fixed an issue impacting Emoji Panel and Clipboard History reliability.
  • Made another fix to address reports of devices getting stuck with “Hibernating…” text on the screen on resume from hibernate.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Windows logon to forget the last logged on user, and instead would display the sign-in prompt for the default user from the list after dismissing the lock screen.
  • Fixed an issue where an issue where some of the Real-Time Protection options for Malwarebytes Premium are not able to be turned on.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in Internet Explorer's menu bar not always appearing if enabled.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in CDPUserSVC using an unexpectedly large amount of CPU for prolonged periods of time.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in DWM crashing frequently for some Insiders on the previous flight.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in certain games recently going into a black screen/not responding state if their resolution was lower than 1920*1080 and the game entered fullscreen.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in certain games no longer rendering UI updates (appearing visually stuck) after using Alt + Tab to quickly switch away and back to the game.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in significant video and audio lag when projecting videos from certain devices on recent builds.
  • Fixed an issue where turning off Location from the Action Center might take multiple clicks to react.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in single Unicode character insertion failing for IMEs, the touch keyboard, and the Emoji Panel in certain types of edit controls recently.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in the left and right arrows on the touch keyboard inserting 4 and 6, respectively, in certain languages.
  • Fixed an issue where newly installed apps might not show up in search results.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in the Search pane becoming truncated if launched after rotating the device orientation from horizontal to vertical.
  • Fixed a high impact issue resulting in a decrease in Start reliability in the last couple of flights.
  • Fixed a recent issue where if you hid the search icon in the taskbar, a number of win32 apps would unexpectedly redraw when opening the Start menu.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in unexpected flickering if you used pen or touch in certain win32 apps to launch a second instance of the app when in tablet mode.
  • Have a need to create a file that starts with a dot? File Explorer will now allow you to rename a file to be something like “.gitignore” – previously there would be an error siting that you needed to provide a name.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in File Explorer potentially hanging when trying to rename, delete, or move MKV files in the previous flight.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in some Insiders not being able to open Cortana when in Tablet Mode.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in the taskbar blinking if an AC adapter was attached when the device had less than 20% battery.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in the taskbar disappearing for a second when dismissing Start/Cortana/Search on a secondary monitor.
  • Updated the name of the “Windows Light” theme to now be “Windows (light)”.
  • Fixed an issue where Cortana's icon on secondary monitors wouldn't update colors after switching between light and dark theme.
  • Fixed an issue where when using light theme + small icons + a vertical taskbar orientation, text written on the taskbar would stay white and thus wouldn't be readable.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in open apps not being shown on the taskbar (but being visible in Alt + Tab).
  • Fixed an issue resulting in greys having an unexpected slight pinkish/purple-ish tinge on some devices in recent flights.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in DWM crashing after enabling high contrast.
  • Fixed an issue in Ease of Access's Cursor and pointer settings, mouse pointer size and color are now retained on upgrade. There is a remaining issue with mouse pointer showing white color instead of the selected color after signing out and signing back in.
  • When using the Magnifier with larger pointers, it pans smoothly as the pointers change shape.
  • Fixed an issue where navigation mode on Orbit display could not be changed.
  • Fixed an issue where Narrator paused unexpectedly when reading through a PDF.
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to join or switch between Windows Insider rings.
  • Fixed an issue where the Windows Security app may show an unknown status for the Virus & threat protection area, or not refresh properly.

Known Issues

  • Launching games that use anti-cheat software may trigger a bugcheck (GSOD).
  • Creative X-Fi sound cards are not functioning properly.
  • While we've done some work to improve night light reliability in this build, we're continuing to investigate issues in this space.
  • When performing Reset this PC and selecting Keep my files on a device that has Reserved Storage enabled the user will need to initiate an extra reboot to ensure Reserved Storage is working again properly.
  • Some Realtek SD card readers are not functioning properly. We are investigating the issue.
  • In Windows Sandbox, if you try to navigate to the Narrator settings, Settings app crashes.
  • Mouse pointer color might be incorrectly switched to white after signing out and signing back in.
  • The Chinese version of multiple games doesn't work.
  • If you install any of the recent builds from the Fast ring and switch to the Slow ring — optional content such as enabling developer mode will fail. You will have to remain in the Fast ring to add/install/enable optional content. This is because optional content will only install on builds approved for specific rings.
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