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Xbox Insider Hub Update Enables Easy Account and Data Deletion

An Xbox Insider Hub update increases privacy by letting users delete their account and all of its data. The change is a step towards GDPR compliance.


Testing new builds is always exciting, but things can get ropey when you try to switch back to a stable one. is now making it easier for its Xbox Insiders to delete their account and stop getting preview builds.

The functionality comes in the form of new options in the Settings section of the Xbox Insider Hub. Users can now close their account, which will delete all of their data, including poll responses, ratings, problem reports, screenshots, and DVR clips.

Previously, users could un-enroll their console from the Insider program, but that left data behind. That's no fun for privacy-conscious users and makes it harder to exercise GDPR rights.

While deleting an Xbox Insider account will be inconvenient if you want to go back, it's nice to have the option. Note that this won't close your Xbox Live account or remove your profile, it simply deletes your Insider program one.

This change is also useful for those who have made an Xbox Insider account but never installed a build. The app can also be used for beta app and game updates, so that's entirely possible.

Alpha Ring 1904 Build

Speaking of Insider builds, 1904 rolled out to alpha ring users earlier in the week. It doesn't add any major features, but a number of small improvements and fixes will help with stability.

The main addition is a new Mini Keyboard, which is designed to float over the UI rather than take up half the screen. Naturally, this gives greater visibility surrounding textboxes, but decreases the accessibility.

Microsoft says it will have ‘minimal logging' around text entry, but the increased logging in Insider builds is a valid reason for the account deletion option. In terms of fixes, the messaging system has been prepped for later features. System Home, Borderlands 3 DLC, and Skype have all seen fixes.

You can find more information on account deletion here, and the latest build on Xbox News.

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