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Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2

Visual Studio Preview 2 brings a number of important features, from automatic IDE updates to improved CMake integration and C# 8.0 additions.


has announced the launch of 2019 Preview 2. The release comes with a ton of improvements and tweaks, aiding development in several languages, and more.

One of the most convenient changes is the preview's ability to automatically download updates in the background. There are several different options for this functionality, with ‘download all, then install' being the default.

Search has also been improved, the blue theme has been tweaked to be less luminous, and the document health feature has been given a visual upgrade. They're all minor upgrades, but they should streamline the software so that users can focus on the important parts.

C++, C#, F# and .NET Features

Part of that is delivering more features across a number of languages. This build has a number of additions to aid development in C++, C#, F#, and .NET:

  • C++ development:
      • You now have access to a fresh version of the MSVC compiler and to libraries that:
        • Bring you guaranteed binary compatibility with Visual Studio 2017 MSVC toolset and runtime
        • Add initial support for C++ 20 standards (specifically the “spaceship” operator i.e. <=> under /std:latest),
        • Enable OpenMP 4 SIMD vectorization as well as many codegen improvements for better runtime performance and build throughput, including a new compiler switch -Ob3 that provides more aggressive inlining
        • Provide new Code Analysis checks including the new Lifetime profile checker.
  • C# development: 
    • More C# 8.0 language features, including recursive patterns and switch expressions
  • F# development: 
    • A preview of the F# 4.6 language is now available in Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2
    • revamped how the F# language service is initialized by Roslyn, which should result in a consistently faster solution load time for larger solutions.
  • .NET development:
    • New refactoring and codefix capabilities, such as sync namespace and folder name, pull members up, invert conditional expressions/logical operations.
    • New classification colors.”

The preview also brings support better support for web and container development, improved Xamarin performance, and enabled switching between different Python interpreters.

You can view the full changelog on the MDSN blog.

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