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Google Maps Now Warns Drivers with Speed Trap Icons

Google Maps now places speed camera icons on maps and provides audio cues to drivers who are approaching speed traps.


It is hard to argue against being the best overall mapping service. However, it is lacking in some areas, forcing users to use other services alongside Maps. A good example is in traffic reporting, where apps like Waze (also owned by Google) surpass Maps.

Google is seeking to address the balance and make Maps even more of a one-stop shop. One area Waze has Maps beat is on real-time traffic reporting, and specifically in reporting crashes and speed traps.

It has been clear for some months that Google Maps has been moving towards these kinds of reports. In November and December users reported receiving crash reports and information on the location of speed traps.

However, the feature was clearly in preview as it was only available to select users. The ability was also a bit hit and miss in terms of functionality.

One source told Android Police Google is now boosting these abilities. For example, speed traps are now available when looking through a map. Previously users would only know about traps through reports.

Locations and Audio Cues

Under the new feature, speed traps actively show up on a map in real-time, much like bus stops also do. Of course, speed trap locations are not really for the person lying on the sofa browsing Google Maps.

With that in mind, motorists who cannot look at their map as they drive will be given audio cues when they are approaching a speed camera.

It is worth noting Police checked and could not find the speed location icons. We did the same and had the same results, no speed traps. That suggests the feature is rolling out slowly and in stages.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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