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Learning Tools’ Immersive Reader Gets Translation, Line Focus in Word, and More

Learning Tools has received several major improvements across Word and OneNote online and desktop, integrating translation capabilities, new reading modes, and more.


's Learning Tools for OneNote and Word is about to receive a big upgrade. The company has announced a total of ten improvements coming to the suite, to both immersive reader and the applications themselves.

One of the most significant additions is translate in the Immersive Reader. With it, users can translate pages or words in real time, with support for read aloud, parts of speech, and a picture dictionary. The feature is starting to roll out now and will complete by the end of next week.

Immersive Reader is also getting read aloud support for the step-by-step solutions of the math assistant. On OneNote Windows 10 and Online, a pane button launches the solution for quick use. On top of that, Immersive Reader can now read math equations in Word Online.

Microsoft Word Enhancements

With the new year, Microsoft is also delivering on some highly requested enhancements to Word. Learning Tools users can finally set a custom background color, helping those with dyslexia or just reducing eye strain.

Another big addition is Line Focus in Word Desktop, a mode for Immersive Reader that keeps 1,3, or 5 lines of text visible at a time. This should be excellent to prevent users from being distracted while reading. Users will also note the following changes:

  • “Auto-language detection for Immersive Reader
  • Dictation in Word Online
  • Dictation in OneNote Online
  • Parts of Speech and Picture Dictionary support for Korean, and coming soon for Arabic and Hebrew
  • The modern Immersive Reader interface comes to OneNote Desktop Learning Tools.”

As always these improvements are likely to be useful for both those with disabilities and those without. You can find the full details on the education blog.

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