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Microsoft Patent Points to Outlook Getting Smarter through AI Integrations

Microsoft is working on a couple of AI integrations for the Outlook calendar, which would allow users to have a more automated scheduling tool.


We have seen 's push to make the best email client. The cross-platform app has gained plenty of useful features and a redesign over the last two years. However, Microsoft also wants to make Outlook the smartest email solution. A recent patent suggests this aspiration will be heavily reliant on artificial intelligence (AI).

Information in the patent points to new AI tools coming to Outlook. Although, as always we point out that patents are not guarantee that a solution will be fully developed and released. That said, considering Microsoft's rapid adoption of AI across services, we are hopeful Outlook will gain more intelligence.

One of the new AI features for the client will allow an automated scan through appointments to recommend a time and date for a new meeting. The patent explains methods for creating proposed calendar events.

Outlook will scan through appointments in the electronic calendar and using AI will be able to generate proposed scheduling for future events.

Things to Do

Another AI tool will also integrate with the calendar. The patent describes a system that would allow Outlook to suggest things to do by studying calendar events. For example, if you have a restaurant reservation schedules, the app will perhaps recommend transportation, or provide further information on the location.

This feature will also extend to be able to suggest rescheduled events. If you place an event on the same date a few times, Outlook will recommend this event on that date in the future. This is obviously beneficial for weekly or monthly meetings.

“The events displayed in the timeline may include future events and historical events. The historical events may also be linked and displayed with additional data. Photographs taken at the time of such historical events, documents made at the time of such historical events, people who have met for such historical events. and the same.”

Luke Jones
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