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Finland’s consumer disputes board has recommended payment of $1,260 after an automatic Windows 10 upgrade. The man allegedly saw the damage when his laptop was auto-upgraded from Windows 8, netting a ‘repair’ error message.

According to Finish broadcaster YLE, the man contacted fifteen Microsoft support staff, but they failed to resolve his issue. He then claims to have spent significant time and money recovering files and buying parts, the update causing his CCTV network to fail.

The unidentified man initially asked for €3,000, but the board settled on €1,100 after reviewing the claim. For its part, Microsoft says it gave the relevant free support to recover the system but doesn’t deny that the OS was downloaded without permission.

This is significant due to Finland’s Consumer Protection Act. The board considers Windows licenses a part of the act, meaning Microsoft has to prove the service was performed correctly. It also says that the tech giant had no contractual right to perform an automatic Windows 10 upgrade.

The Blunder that Won’t Go Away

The board decided that there wasn’t sufficient evidence that Microsoft should pay for a new surveillance system, nor explanation about the €2,300 of working costs claimed. It recommends the smaller amount to cover immediate parts and transport costs.

The sum is unlikely to prove worth it given the stress the legal action, nor is it much of a boon for Microsoft. However, it does set yet another precedent, showing that Microsoft can’t just sweep its decision under the rug. It has previously paid out $10,000 in California, with a similar case in Illinois.

It’s likely the company’s underhand tactics will haunt it for years to come, both legally and in the consumer image. With Windows 10 updates now causing data loss, it’ll be interesting to see if any other cases arise in the country.