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Microsoft Brings MyAnalytics to Microsoft 365 and Office 365 Enterprise

MyAnalytics is now available across all Microsoft 365 and Office 365 subscriptions for Enterprise and Business users.


's MyAnalytics tool has been with us since 2016, allowing organizations to gain insights into how users spend time in the workplace. Recently, Microsoft expanded the service to OneDrive. Now, MyAnalytics will also be integrated into and Enterprise and Business suites.

Until now, the service has been limited to Office 365 Enterprise E5 as an integration. Users who wanted it for E1 and E3 bundles on Microsoft 365 and Office 365 needed to get it as an add-on.

With today's news, MyAnalytics is available directly in the suite as an integration. Natalie McCullough, General Manager of Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics for Microsoft said in a blog post that explains how the service functions:

“Via a personal dashboard, an Outlook add-in, and weekly emails, MyAnalytics summarizes how you spend your time at work, then suggests ways to work smarter—from cutting unproductive meeting time to reducing time spent working after hours. It even uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you stay on top of your to-dos by flagging commitments you've made in email.”

Microsoft has plans to grow MyAnalytics through insights from in SharePoint and OneDrive. This new integration should be live during this month for users already using the tool. The company says MyAnalytics features will also be expanded to other products soon.

New Bundles on Microsoft 365

Earlier today, we reported on Microsoft's introduction of two new security bundles for Microsoft 365 E3 bundles.

“Identity and Threat Protection” and “Information Protection and Compliance” are designed for Office 365 E3 customers. They are already available for Microsoft 365 E5 subscribers but will not come to E3 users. Microsoft says the features will be available to purchase separately from Feb. 1, 2019.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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