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OneDrive Mobile to Get MyAnalytics Upgrade, Download Blocking

OneDrive will receive several powerful upgrades by the end of the month, including better analytics on mobile and Camera Upload for business users.


has announced updates coming to OneDrive across several platforms. The solution will feature an improved MyAnalytics feature on mobile, and a Block Download option will roll out to all users.

On the analytics side of things, mobile users can look forward to a number of additions. MyAnalytics on iOS and will let you get straight to the analytics menu from individual files, giving a quick look at where they stand.

The service itself has also been improved in terms of accuracy, with the same, more accurate view count system that's on the web. The file trending system has also been removed in this release.

Block Download and Camera Upload for Business

Meanwhile, Microsoft is planning to add a new feature entirely. Block Download for OneDrive will let users share a link but essentially set it as ‘view only'. Users will be able to view the file in Office online, but can't make copies, print it, or copy the text.

It's not yet clear if this feature is rolling out first to web and then mobile, or if it will roll out across the board. Either way, it's a useful feature, though more granular control of the elements you want to block would be nice. I can see instances where someone would want to require a file to be printed without edits, for example.

Finally, Camera Upload is coming to all on Android, including OneDrive for Business users. This will automatically sync the camera roll to the account to mitigate data loss.

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