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343 Industries Teams with Limbitless on Halo Themed Prosthetics

Microsoft’s Halo developer, 343 Industries, has helped non-profit Limbitless design new child-friendly prosthetics.


One of 's leading game studios has teamed with a leading developer of prosthetic limbs. 343 Industries, the developer by Halo, has teamed with non-profit Limbitless Solutions to build special child-focused prosthetic arms.

The prosthetics will be 3D printed and will carry designs from the Halo franchise. Far from being a gimmick, the arms are fully functional with articulated hands for gripping objects.

Limbitless will begin rolling out the designs next year, starting with two new designs. The new Halo prosthetics will sit alongside the organizations other themed prosthetics, including an Iron Man arm.

In the new collections, 343 Industries and Limbitless Solutions has created an imitation of the Master Chief VI gauntlet in the familiar green hue. There is also a “multiplayer” version available that let's kids customize their color.


The fantastic thing about the prosthetics is that they are complete free. In terms of design, the team has crafted remarkably accurate reproductions of the gauntlet. Anyone who has played Halo to any significant degree will recognize the design instantly.

343 Industries says it is pleased to be working with Limbitless on the prosthetics:

“We're incredibly honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with Limbitless Solutions to offer a unique bit of Halo flavor in our shared goal of inspiring heroes.

“Beginning in 2019, Limbitless will add two special Halo-themed options to their already-amazing lineup of designs for their 3D-printed Bionic Arms. First up is a fantastic recreation of the Master Chief's own legendary Mk. VI armor, designed to help turn any eager recipient into an awesomely augmented, galaxy-saving superhero.”

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