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Microsoft News Update Arrives on iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has updated its new Microsoft News application on iOS devices by adding a new International (English) language.


Earlier this year, replaced its MSN News app with its cross-platform service. This new take on news aggregating is getting a major update on iOS devices. Users on and iPad now have increased language support.

Microsoft News now supports International (English). Like other language choices, this is not just about choosing the spelling you want. Instead, when International (English) is selected, the News app will search for more stories based on English from around the world.

Furthermore, Microsoft News will also suggest different topics for a favorites list. We tested the changes around English versions and didn't see too much different changing from the UK to Australia, for example. However, switching to other English options such as Indian showed different news results.

Microsoft News is available on and iOS. It is also available on the web, but Microsoft kept its MSN.com branding and sources news from the new service.

New App

The company says the new service highlights its consolidation of tools and services into a single aggregating platform for news curation:

“Microsoft News represents the ways we keep people informed across the web, phone and PC, using our long-tested approach of curating news via publishing partnerships, human editors, and AI.

On iOS, the application comes with the following features:

– Our editors curate the most trusted, important, interesting and trending news
– You choose which topics matter most to you.
– Microsoft News updates you with notifications of breaking news, quickly and accurately, 24/7
– Sync your preferences across the app and the Web.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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