If you use the OneNote note-taking application on Android, you can grab a new update for the app. Microsoft has sent out a minor upgrade for OneNote for Android. While no new features have been added, there are some improvements for how the app interacts with Office Lens.

For users unfamiliar with Office Lens, it is a document scanning and editing tool that shows users the benefits of using Office. Among its features are image enhancements, changing documents to photos, and trimming content.

Any saved files in Office Lens are placed in OneNote and can be converted to PowerPoint, Word, or PDF files. Earlier this year, Microsoft integrated Office Lens into OneNote. With integration with Android users will be able to perform Office Lens tasks in the note-taking app.

In its latest update for OneNote, Microsoft has added the ability to draw onto images, gain easier Gallery access and more: “Do more with the Camera – Ink on images, Gallery access in camera view, front camera capture, optional shutter sound and easy document boundary selection for cropping.”

Sticky Notes

Elsewhere, Microsoft has introduced Sticky Notes syncing with Outlook, Windows and OneNote for mobile. We reported this integration when Microsoft brought it to the web.

Users can sync notes across all devices through their Microsoft Account. As for the experience, users are getting the same feature set that’s available on Sticky Notes for Windows 10. Customization options are located in the top right and let you change note colors and text formats.

As always, the update is available through the Google Play Store and can be downloaded here.