Microsoft has discussed what users can expect on Office 365 this month. The company’s upcoming November update for has plenty of interesting new features in store. Chief among them are changes to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Both of the apps are getting some 3D-focused abilities.

It is worth noting the upcoming features have been running in preview during October and will reach general users this month.

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for Office 365 will receive embedded 3D animations. Users will be able to use the feature to easily add 3D models into content. Microsoft says the goal is for users to “easily illustrate more complex ideas” in documents.

New inking tools have also been added to the Office 365 experience. PowerPoint is getting more live as users will be able to convert digital writing and drawings into text and shapes. Microsoft has also expanded Ink Editor with new gestures for converting shorthand into new lines, missing words, and deleting highlighted content.

AI and Web Integration

In terms of PowerPoint, Microsoft has also boosted AI capabilities on the app:

“Now, regardless of whether your words are handwritten or typed, Designer in PowerPoint uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to convert text into curated slide recommendations.

“These recommendations include multiple design themes and intelligent SmartArt and icons—based on words in your slide—to bring your ideas to life. You’ll save time, stay in the design flow, communicate more clearly with imagery, and create better slides. This feature is now available to Microsoft 365 or Office 365 subscribers.”

Finally, Transform to Web is now available for Microsoft Word. With this tool, users can convert documents directly to web pages.