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Microsoft-Owned LinkedIn Acquires Glint, and Employee Engagement Company

LinkedIn's acquisition of Glint reportedly cost over $400 million, pulling in customers like Alphabet Inc. and United Airlines while helping to bolster the network's learning experiences.


It doesn't look like is halting its acquisition-spree any time soon. After a number of purchases over the past few months, it's acquiring Glint, an employee engagement company.

More specifically, Glint will become a part of LinkedIn, forming its own team. The employee's expertise will be put to good use, creating learning experiences for managers on the social network.

“Glint provides executives with the tools to answer questions about the health and happiness of the talent they have, while giving managers at all levels the access and insight they need to improve,” said Daniel Shapero, VP talent solutions, careers, and learning. “Now imagine, through our combined offerings, that we can translate the specific feedback a manager gets from their employees on Glint into a personalized Learning experience focused on the topics that will help them improve, thus making the feedback much more actionable.”

A Similar Culture

According to Shapero, LinkedIn's decision to acquire came from first-hand experience. The company has allegedly been utilizing the tools internally and must have been happy with the results.

Shapero also says Glint and LinkedIn share a similar philosophy, with a focus on building strong teams and a great company culture. As a result, Glint's teams will be functionally integrated in LinkedIn after 12-18 months.

According to CNBC, LinkedIn spent over $400 million on the company, a sizable sum. With it, though, comes 200 employees and Glint's significant customer list. Its clients include United Airlines, 's Waymo, and many more.

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