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Magic Leap One Gets First Major Game Release with Angry Birds Variant

Angry Birds FPS: First Person Slingshot will launch on Magic Leap One this fall. Developer Resolution Games claims the device was better than Microsoft’s HoloLens for using this title.


's HoloLens got its first real augmented reality competitor in the form of the Magic Leap One. Launched last month, the device touts itself as more affordable and usable than HoloLens. Now, Magic Leap One is receiving its first big game, and what else could it be than Angry Birds.

Of course, Angry Birds is hardly anything new and is even a tired concept by now. However, the game is still a mobile giant and perhaps the most famous mobile game. It is also an ideal candidate for showcasing gaming on a new product.

Rovio and Resolution Games announced their new mixed reality focused Angry Birds FPS: First Person Slingshot. The developers say their game will be launched later this fall.

Early reviews for the game suggest it works well, is a full game, and takes advantage of the immersive nature of mixed reality. Those users have also positively pointed to an improved field of view (FOV) compared to HoloLens.

Indeed, Resolution Games says development testing for the game was performed on the HoloLens. However, the Magic Leap One was found to offer a better gaming experience. Specifically, the company was impressed with the bundled tracking controller, which offers true gaming possibilities on the device.

Interestingly, this may be where Magic Leap can differentiate its device against HoloLens. Whereas Microsoft seems to be pushing towards enterprise use, Magic Leap can perhaps target consumers through gaming and entertainment apps.

Certainly, the Magic Leap One has so far been greeted with a muted response. In fact, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey was less than impressed. He claims it has little over HoloLens and was merely a marketing ploy by Magic Leap to sell their device.

Magic Leap One

the One Creator Edition is currently with some applications already installed. Among them is the Helio web browser, which presents websites in 3D fields within the real-world environment. Screens is a video player that sound exciting, allowing users to place multiple displays in the real world and resize them.

The company has also pre-installed avatars and its own Social app. The latter provides spatial with contacts. LuminOS is the operating system underpinning the experience.

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