Windows  SDK own collage from official Microsoft

Microsoft is rolling out new Windows 10 SDK previews at a steady pace as it finalizes Redstone 5. The update will transition to the October 2018 Update (Version 1809) next month. Alongside yesterday’s release of Windows 10 SDK preview build 17754, Microsoft also sent out Visual Studio 2017 version 15.9.

We will discuss VS 2017 first. This is the latest preview for Visual Studio 2017 and comes with Windows 10 SDK preview 17754 baked into the UWP development Workload. This allows dev’s to access APIs from Windows 10 more efficiently.

With VS 2017 version 15.9 Preview 2 comes with several new feature which are detailed below:

  • You can now import and export an installation configuration file that specifies which workloads and components should be installed with an instance of Visual Studio.
  • Step back in debugger is now available in C++.
  • We fixed several bugs in the F# compiler when working with byref types.

As usual, with a Visual Studio 2017 preview, you should not install it within a production environment. It is possible to run this preview release alongside other versions of VS. To grab the update, head to the official website here.

Windows 10 SDK

Windows 10 SDK preview build 17754 continues a trend of arriving with just fixes and improvements. Microsoft has stopped sending out new features for Redstone 5. With less than a month until its official release, the platform is being finalized for launch.

SDK Insider Preview 17754 can be run side-by-side with other SDKs. Essentially, this means users can run an SDK in production while also running preview changes.