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Microsoft Garage Creates Advertising SDK for Mixed Reality Environments

A Microsoft Garage project in India has created a method for implementing sponsored content within virtual and mixed reality.


Mixed and virtual reality development is evolving rapidly and could one day change the way we live our lives. It stands to reasons that companies will seek to further monetize mixed environments through advertising. Microsoft’s The Garage in India has created a way to show sponsored content in mixed reality.

The Garage is the Indian version of Microsoft Garage, a skunkworks division that allows Microsoft employees to collaborate on projects. Thanks to a new development, mixed and virtual reality environments could display advertising content like billboards.

Essentially, the concept allows developers to integrate sponsored content in mixed reality. The Garage says this will be achieved through an easy-to-use SDK. App creators working in mixed and virtual reality could monetize their services through advertising.

Speaking to ONMSFT, a Group Program Manager for Microsoft India’s R&D department said there are some things left to smooth before a release:

“There are some things which are still getting implemented for a prototype and some aspects are primarily being experimented on or researched further to add new functionality.

However, the team does already have a demo prepared. The report says the demo showcased advertising running over a 3D Excel spreadsheet in Office 365. However, the presentation was more rooted in virtual reality than augmented or mixed reality.


As you can see in the screenshot (main image), sponsored content sits on a 3D model in the virtual realm. Microsoft plots the graph in 3D, using one wall surface to hold the advertising.

The Garage in India is eager to point out the project is very much in an experimental stage. As such, the company is non-committal on whether this technology will ever be released. However, a patent has been filed to protect the underlying software.

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