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Apple’s iPhone Xr Getting Limited Availability to Avoid Hurting iPhone Xs Models

Apple is announcing three new smartphones, but the iPhone Xr could present plenty of problems for the company as it looks to differentiate models.


Bloomberg reports the will limit availability of the new Xr. This could mean it is only available in certain markets. That could make sense if we consider why someone would buy an iPhone.

Later this week, the smartphone world will come to a standstill as Apple announces its new iPhone Xs handsets. Those who love the company will want to see what new products are available, while those who hate Apple will be looking for something to attack. All in between will cast a curious eye.

On Wednesday, it is expected Cupertino will reveal three new smartphones, one will be a 5.8-inch OLED iPhone, a 6.1-inch LCD device, and a 6.5-inch OLED. All of the new products will maintain the design language introduced with the iPhone X.

The biggest talking point is how Apple will differentiate the smartphones aside from size. The 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch models will be called the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max respectively, while the 6.1-inch LCD will be the affordable iPhone Xr.

One problem Apple is facing is the uniform design language across three devices. In previous generations, the company has kept design different from flagship to affordable models. For example, the iPhone 5s stuck around for years to not step on the toes of the iPhone 6 design. Last year, the iPhone 6 design was for Apple's affordable handset.

This year, all three devices will look like the iPhone X, even the most affordable variant. With that in mind, the company is concerned consumers will opt for the cheaper iPhone Xr in most cases. Only those who need the best specs will opt for the more expensive OLED models.

Limiting Availability

Most consumers buy Apple products for their design, feel of quality, and brand recognition. If you want the latest and greatest specs, iPhone is not the place to be. Head over to if that's your thing. Consumers given the option of a cheaper iPhone that looks the same as the flagship may opt for the affordable version in most cases.

We will have to wait until Wednesday for details on availability, but it would be an interesting tactic. There are certainly other gaps between the iPhone Xr and the iPhone Xs models aside from screen tech.

The affordable model will get a slick gold color, but it will lack a dual camera and reports suggest it will lose Apple's 3D Touch technology.

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