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Minecraft Education Arrives on iPad with New Toggle

Minecraft Education is now available on Apple’s iPad, while Microsoft has announced a new toggle to allow users to access the mode from the normal game.


is important to as it shows the company's plans for the “game” to become a platform ecosystem. When Microsoft acquired Mojang for $2.5 billion in 2014, the company seen has something more than a game. Now, is being expanded to Apple's iPad.

Minecraft Education can be a good resource for teachers. Through Classroom Mode teachers get the tools to create an in-game online space to interact with children. They can set tasks, give resources, chat, and see where all members are on the map.

Microsoft says it will bring Minecraft Education to iOS (only iPad) during September. Basically, this means educators and students can access the platform from their iPad. Class resources, interaction, and other features will all be available.

The idea behind Minecraft Education is to connect teachers and students in and out of the classroom. It has been available for Windows devices since 2016. Indeed, it has been a long time coming to iPad considering 's tablet is much-used in schools and universities.

Education Toggle

Aside from iPad expansion, Microsoft also announced an effort to engage users more. All consumer versions of Minecraft (the one on your device for example) now have a toggle for Education mode. Switching this toggle allows any Minecraft users to access Minecraft Education whenever they want.

It is worth remembering the service is a subscription model, so you will need to pay to access it. Still, it is a welcome ability for users of Education who also use the normal game.

“With these updates, now educators and families are able to use Minecraft to engage students in STEM, inspire creative projects across subjects, and build important skills in collaboration, creativity and digital citizenship,” Microsoft says.

Luke Jones
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