While Microsoft has been criticized for the way it collects user data on Windows, the company insists the information its gets is vital. Redmond says it uses user data to improve products and services. Nowhere is this truer than with the Windows Mixed Reality platform.

However, while Microsoft has been accused of being too secretive about its Windows 10 data collection, in mixed reality the company is more upfront.

ONMSFT reports how the company uses a public booth to collect motion data for product improvement. One of the booths was located outside a physical Microsoft Store in San Francisco.

Volunteers are asked to help Microsoft in its research and data collection for mixed reality. Inside the booth is a camera setup that maps motion data on the volunteer’s face. Microsoft wants people to give them five minutes in exchange for a gift card for a local coffee shop or eatery.

People wanting to participate do not need to provide personal information beyond name and signature.


For that, you will be giving Microsoft full access to any data it acquires from the sessions. Furthermore, you will also be giving the company your name, image, likeness and voice to help develop products.

Of course, this is a volunteer system so if you are not cool with that level of intrusion, then simply don’t enter a booth if you see one.

Volunteers need to stand in a position marked on the floor and move slowly left to right. During this time, the 3D camera captures them. Microsoft also asks people to make facial expressions. All exercises are repeated, and three distinct positions marked at different lengths.