Microsoft wants Windows 10 to be the go-to platform for organizations. A major part of enterprise services these days it security. Multiple major attacks have made data security a chief concern for many companies. Microsoft has introduced a new service called AccountGuard, which aims to give customers more peace of mind.

All Windows 10 customers want their data protected. In some instances, the information can be hugely critical, such as authorities passing data, political campaigns, governments, and military organizations.

Microsoft Accounts for users running elections campaigns, in political committees, or politician staff can now protect themselves with AccountGuard.

This new feature beings added security to Microsoft Accounts across platforms and services. Including more in-depth threat monitoring, AccountGuard regularly monitors accounts for security breaches.

During checks, the feature looks for malware infested attachments, phishing emails, failed login attempts, and other suspicious activity. If something is found, a notification is sent to the account holder. If a genuine cyber threat is uncovered, Microsoft provides remediation and ongoing support to stop the threat.

Additionally, Microsoft will supply account holders with advice such as best-practices to avoid a security breach.


AccountGuard is available to users in the following organizations:

  • US-based political campaigns
  • US-based political committees
  • Select campaign technology vendors
  • Select individuals may also participate, if invited by eligible campaigns and affiliated organizations

AccountGuard is part of Microsoft’s Defending Democracy Program. The company has rolled out the feature in preview, it has been available since the beginning of this week. Microsoft points out it wanted AccountGuard to be in place before the US Midterm Elections this fall.