Microsoft unveiled the sub-$400 Surface Go today. The device is more of a consumer-oriented iPad competitor than the laptop leaning Surface Pro. Still, Microsoft still wants users to get their productivity kicks and new accessories will help push that goal. A new Type Cover and a new Surface Mobile Mouse are arriving alongside the Surface GO.

In terms of the Type Cover, Microsoft has confirmed it will be available in several colors, including Alcantra, and will cost $99.

The Surface Mobile Mouse will follow the Surface GO in affordability with a $34.99 price. As this is an on-the-go peripheral, the mouse weighs just 78 grams, and that’s with 2 AAA batteries installed.

Microsoft has sought to make the Surface brand as appealing aesthetically as it is technologically. With that in mind, we expect a mouse carrying the Surface name to be suitably sleek. The Surface Mobile Mouse fits the bill with a smart and elegant finish.

Customers can choose between three colors that have been influenced by the Surface Laptop. That means the Mobile Mouse is available in Platinum, Burgundy, and Cobalt Blue. It is also worth remembering that the mouse is not exclusive to the Surface Go. Thanks to its Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy, the mouse will hook up to basically any Bluetooth device.


The Surface Mobile Mouse has four buttons. Three will be familiar as the standard mouse configuration keys for Windows 10. The fourth is a power button that is also the pairing key. In the middle is a metal scrolling wheel that doubles as a middle clicker.

Microsoft says the mouse is joining the Surface GO and Type Cover on pre-order availability today.