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Microsoft Testing Dark Theme for Outlook Ahead of Redstone 5

After teasing a dark theme for Outlook last year, Microsoft has reportedly been testing the UI switch behind closed doors ahead of a full roll out through Redstone 5.


Many of 's applications have the option to switch to a dark theme, such as Maps. The company is also predicted to be bringing a dark theme to File Explorer in . What about Outlook, a service that did briefly get a dark theme?

You may remember last Halloween Microsoft launched a dark theme for Outlook. However, the company made it clear that was a limited time deal. Ture to its word the company later removed the theme and the email client returned to its normal style.

If you are unfamiliar with a dark theme, it essentially gives users an added UI option. As the name suggests, users can make their Windows 10 applications look dark. Settings within compatible apps have a toggle to switch between light and dark.

Because of that Halloween switch last year, we know Outlook is primed and capable of having a dark theme. It seems that served as a sort of live test as Microsoft has continued to develop the theme behind closed doors since then.

At least that's what a .com advocate said. The company has been focusing on a dark theme for the Outlook web app:

“One reason for the delay is our insistence that we deliver the best Dark Mode of any leading email client (you'll understand when you see it, I guarantee). The sneak preview you saw last year at Halloween was a prototype that required a lot more work to be ready for prime time. We've redesigned the colors and code multiple times and are proud to enter the final stretch. Like you, we eagerly await the day this is finally available to the public. I am elated to announce that that day is very soon.”

Dark Theme

We always find the notion of a dark theme interesting. In terms of individual app user requests, the dark theme is usually at the top of user's desires. Yes, even more so than new features. We too love how dark themes look in Windows 10 but would put some features over it if there was a straight choice.

That's especially the case unless Microsoft implements a system-wide dark theme. Still, it seems at least one more app will get the theme. We suspect the company will roll out previews to Windows Insiders in the coming months. That means a Redstone 5 launch of the theme for Outlook is likely.

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