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Microsoft Teams Scores Evernote integration for Note Sharing

Evernote has announced a new application for Microsoft Teams, allowing users to share and manage notes directly within the service.


's OneNote is already integrated deeply into Office 365, including within . However, to make the collaborative tool more enticing, the company needs third-parties to develop for it… even if that means direct rivals. With that in mind, Evernote today announced it has integrated its service within Microsoft Teams.

That means Evernote will be going up against OneNote on the platform, much like it does just about everywhere else. With the integrations, Evernote notes can be introduced into a conversation on Teams without having to leave the service.

Additional features include the ability to pin, edit, search, and share notes directly within Microsoft Teams.

As part of the announcement, Evernote explained the capabilities available to users:

  • For Improved Organization: Effortlessly catalogue data, research, conversations, and meeting notes so they are easy to find anytime.
  • As a Time-Saver: Search and share from within a Teams chat—there's no need to switch between apps. Plus, changes to notes stay in sync so chats are always up to date.
  • For Cross-Functional Alignment:Employees can pin notes—like objectives, deliverables, or metrics—to give context to a conversation as well as build shared understanding and alignment across teams.
  • To Promote Better Conversations:Both private and public Evernote notes can be shared within a channel or conversation, so everyone has what they need to focus on the tasks that matter most.

The integration is available by downloading the Evernote app from the Microsoft App Store.

Teams Success

Microsoft Teams is a fast-growing service that will only be improved by new integrations like Evernote. Now over a year old, Microsoft has big plans for its collaboration workplace chat service. Chief among them is making releasing a free version of the service to compete more evenly with Slack.

This move puts Microsoft Teams closer to Slack in terms of usability. Slack is free but allows users to unlock pro-level features by upgrading to premium. It seems Microsoft will pursue a similar paywall tactic with a free version of Teams and the full version through Office 365 subscription.

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Luke Jones
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