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No Man’s Sky to Make Xbox One Debut in July with Multiplayer Support

No Man's Sky will launch on Xbox on June 24 with a number of enhancements that bring it much closer to the developer's original promises. Hello Games has committed to further improvements after the game's release.


No Man's Sky founder Sean Murray took the Inside Xbox stream yesterday to announce two significant developments in the game. The widely criticised title will be coming to , and it will launch with full multiplayer support.

Players will be able to team up to survive in the procedurally generated universe, either in a party or finding each other naturally. They'll be able to build bases, race vehicles, and pretty on others. It will come as a free update to all the available platforms after a playtesting period of six months.

The announcement marks a huge milestone for Hello Games, which has a shaky history. Before its launch, Murray promised a multitude of features that didn't make the cut, leaving players incredibly frustrated.

A Path to Redemption

This marks Murray's first foray into to the public eye for some time, and it's strangely admirable that his team has kept going despite the negative press. In the time since its launch, No Man's Sky has received a number of updates that seek to fulfill his promises.

Since release, the title has received base building mechanics, vehicles, a quest system, farming, story content, and more. All of it has been made available to players for free, with plans for further expansion.

As well as multiplayer, No Man's Sky Next will bring a number of other changes, though they aren't yet clear. It's clear, however, that Xbox fans will get a title that's much closer to the what was promised, even if it's taken almost two years to get to that point.

The game will launch on Xbox One on July 24 at $49.99 and will include Xbox One X enhancements.

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