Microsoft has pushing to create a unified sharing experience that works seamlessly across OneDrive, SharePoint, and Office. That unified solution has been available on the company’s Windows desktop platform. Today, Microsoft has transitioned integrated sharing to its OneDrive application on iOS and Android.

At its core, the latest update for the app simply brings improved sharing controls to OneDrive. By offering more granular settings, users can control their sharing experience across some of Microsoft’s core products.

For example, it is possible to share files to people and organizations directly from OneDrive. The update is already up and running on Android, while it will come to iOS soon.

Speaking of Apple platforms, Microsoft also announced its OneDrive Mac app is bundled with Office 2016 for Mac Click-to-Run installer. While OneDrive is free, the integration means there is no need to separately download the app on Mac when you get Office.

Microsoft says the app will automatically integrate with Office if it is already running on a Mac device.

Mac Features

The company had some wider additions to announce for OneDrive on Mac. Here is the full changelog for the update.

  • Office For Mac will work with OneDrive to intelligently open your files locally if it has already synced the file rather than download a new copy, so your files will open much more quickly
  • For our Office 2016 for Mac users, updates made to your documents will now sync only the changes (differential sync) rather than the full file each time you save, allowing you to work faster than ever.
  • Files synced onto the local machine can be shared within Office 2016 for Mac with the same user experience found on all OneDrive and SharePoint endpoints so go ahead and share from anywhere.