If you are running Microsoft Office on Apple’s iOS platform for iPad and iPhone, there is a treat for you today. Microsoft has released a major update for Office applications on the iOS. The update bumps the productivity suite up to version number 2.12 on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

As mentioned, this is a significant update that adds several important features. For example, on Word and Excel it is now possible to share project visually. SVG images can be edited in documents with tools such as resizing, rotating, and adding color. This feature is also supported in presentations and worksheets.

One ability we are sure users will love is the ability to share content from within the Files app on iOS 11. We know this feature is definitely included, although Microsoft has not included it in the official changelog for version 2.12.

Excel is also getting a dedicated feature in the shape of the ability to perform “common calculations on a selected range of data”. Some of the calculations available are AVERAGE, SUM, and COUNT. The Office spreadsheet editor is also gaining some new quick access commands, such as “expand selection, sort, filter, and more”.

On the email front, Outlook is also scoring some new features this month. Microsoft’s email client will now send users a notifications when you should leave for an appointment. This feature uses location information to assess how far away you are from the destination, including traffic conditions.

Outlook is also getting the ability to set favorite folders and groups within the application.


All these new features are available now, so just head to your Office apps on iOS 11 and grab the updates. If you are new to Microsoft’s suite, you can download Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook with version 2.12 now on board.