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Skype Gets TripAdvisor and StubHub Integration Directly in Conversations

TripAdvisor and StubHub are the latest add-ins available for the cross-platform Skype application (Skype v8), allowing direct use within the app.


is continuing to boost its new and has introduced two big-name add-ins for the service. StubHub and TripAdvisor are now available on the communication app. Add-ins are a new ability that Microsoft brought to Skype with the new version of the service.

Specifically, that means you will need to be running the cross-platform Skype (known as version 8.x). Add-ins are a simple way to integrate services directly into the service. Essentially, an add-on allows you to use a third-party service directly within Skype.

Since being introduced with the new experience, Microsoft has added to the list of integrations. With TripAdvisor, users are able search the travel site while in a conversation. TripAdvisor curates travel destinations like hotels, things to do, and restaurants and lets users rate them. You will now be able to do this directly in Skype.

In terms of StubHub, it is a ticket market that covers music, theater, sports, and other events. On Skype, users can find and buy tickets without having to leave the app.

As usual, you can access add-ins by selecting the + symbol in a chat windows. Microsoft says the new integrations are region specific, so you will only get them if you are in certain countries. Additionally, Skype v8 is not the version the app uses, so add-ins are not available on Microsoft's own PC platform.

Recent Skype Improvements

Just yesterday, Microsoft said it is improving accessibility on the app. Working with customers' needs in mind, the team says it is using feedback to improve accessibility:

“For the next updates to Skype, we are focusing on Mac, iOS, Windows Desktop, and . Although there are still more fixes and improvements to come, the Skype team has been focusing on the following areas: improving visible keyboard focus, eliminating cases where keyboard focus moves to non-actionable controls, ensuring keyboard focus moves back to the controls that opened a dialog or menu after the dialog or menu was closed, improving the accessible names and labels of controls, and improving the control types used.”

Early this month, Microsoft made an important change to Skype that allows the service to run on older Android software.

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