If you are running OneNote on an Android device, you can now get a new update for the app. Microsoft has issued a new release for its note-taking application on the world’s leading mobile platform.

OneNote for Android is now running version 16.0.9029.2079 and comes with a single new feature. Specifically, the app will now remember notes you have been working on and show them when you reopen the app.

Additionally, Microsoft has made the standard unnamed bug fixes and performance improvements. Below is the brief official changelog from Microsoft:

  • When you reopen OneNote, it will remember the notes you were working on and open right to that place.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Users of OneNote on Android can now grab the updated app from the Google Play Store.

OneNote is among Microsoft’s most successful apps on Android. It has been downloaded between 100 million and 500 million times (either end of that scale is impressive). It is also well reviewed with an over 4 star rating from over 400,000 reviews.

Office Lens Support

The last major update for OneNote on Android came in January. With that release, Microsoft introduced Office Lens integration in the app.

Office Lens gives users tools to trim, enhance and make images of whiteboards and docs. The service then saves the content into Microsoft’s OneNote app. Images can be converted to PDF, PowerPoint, and Word files.

With integration with OneNote, users will be able to perform Office Lens tasks in the note-taking app. Microsoft initially brought this feature to the service in November, but it was limited to preview.