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Microsoft Founder Bill Gates Gets Role on The Big Bang Theory

Bill Gates is stepping into the sitcom world with a cameo on The Big Bang Theory. The Microsoft founder will appear in an episode scheduled to air next month.


To Milennials, The Big Bang Theory is not the concept of how the universe was exploded into life, but is instead it is a hugely popular sitcom. Never shy of fan service and winking to nerd culture and pulling tricks to keep viewers interested. CBS' The Big Bang Theory likes a cameo and CNN reports founder will be on the show next month.

Unlike many other sitcoms, cameos on The Big Bang Theory usually play themselves, and that will be the case with Bill Gates. CBS has posted a pre-show synopsis for the episode. Airing in late March, Gates will pay a visit to lead female character Penny (Kaley Cuoco) at her place of work.

If you have watched The Big Bang Theory and stuck around passed into its 11th season then you will be aware it is a show about mega-geeks. As Bill Gates is meeting Penny, the only non-nerd in the group, hijinks are bound to ensue. The synopsis points out Sheldon, Leonard, and the rest of the gang try anything to meet Microsoft's mastermind.

Gates will be following in the footsteps of other tech and science giants. , Steve Wozniak, and Stephen Hawking are among the big names who have appeared on the show. Gates himself is no stranger to sitcom work, although this will be his first appearance in 15 years.

TV Experience

Back in 2001, when he was still leading Microsoft and the company was at the height of its power, Bill Gates appeared on Frasier.

We guess The Big Bang Theory cameo will allow for plenty of chatter about Microsoft. Although, Gates rarely does anything related these days without mentioning his charitable foundations. Expect those to get a mention on the show.

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