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Microsoft Working on App Insider Program: Test Early Versions of Core Windows 10 Apps

As reported this week, an App Insider Program for Windows 10 could launch with Redstone 5 previews and allow users to test apps without being Windows Insiders.


's Insider Programs have been very successful and the company is looking to expand the model. A report suggests users will soon be able to preview apps like they do platform features. Yes, this would be like an App Insider Program.

Users will be able to install preview versions of Microsoft's own core Windows 10 apps. The report suggests this will be possible without needing to install a preview Insider build of Windows 10. This could mean even non-Insiders could test new app features before a wide release.

For example, if Microsoft has preview features, the company currently tests them through Insiders on the latest Windows 10 preview builds. Under the new app testing, perhaps users will be able to opt into a separate App Insider Program and test Microsoft's upcoming features.

By doing this, Microsoft will further fragment the Insider model. The Windows Insider Program would be specifically for new platform features, security, and UI. Microsoft's app previews would fall under their own insider program.

Many of Microsoft's applications are under the Office Insider Program. Office apps, OneDrive, Outlook, and Teams are all previewed through Office releases.

The App Insider Program (not an official name) would focus on previews for Windows 10 apps. So, users would be able to see early features for apps like Alarm, Clock, Photos, Camera, and more. Like other insider programs, the feedback given by users will help Microsoft improve services and fix problems.

In its report, Thurrott points to the following message that now accompanies the Camera app:

“You'll be one of the first to try out new features in the preview version of Camera, and your feedback will help shape the future of the app. Before you join, please review program details.”

Redstone 5 Release

We don't expect Microsoft to launch this service for Redstone 4. The next major Windows 10 update will be finalized next month. Most features are already locked and previews are focusing on stabilization.

However, the company is about to kick-off Redstone 5 previews for the fall Windows 10 update. It seems logical for the App Insider Program to launch alongside those previews.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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