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Google Working on Yeti Game Streaming Service Suggests Report

Google could be making its first major step towards gaming with Yeti, a codenamed game streaming service the company is said to be developing.


has spread its wings enough over the years that the company has divisions in most tech areas. Gaming is one sector where Mountain View has not shown much interest. However, that may be about to change as a report suggests Google is preparing its own service called Yeti.

The Information reports that streaming service could come with a new console. However, it is more likely it would work with the existing Chromecast streaming device. If this service is launched, it would mark Google's first serious foray into the videogame industry.

Sure, the company provides a platform (Android) where millions of games are available, but has never specifically targeted gaming. It makes sense that Google would want a piece of game streaming. As a concept, it is only now taking off and as a nascent market the company could be well placed to capitalize.

Netflix and have shown how a media industry can be transformed through streaming. Game streaming companies are hoping for a similar boom, and Google wants in. The company's subscription-based service is codenamed Yeti and would compete with industry leaders like and PlayStation now.

Make no mistake, this is also an area is incredibly interested in. As such, this could be another sector where Google and Microsoft directly compete. This would be especially true if Google does indeed develop its own console hardware. The device would indirectly compete with Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Google has already discussed Yeti with high level developers and publishers. Considering the company's cloud across various platforms it's easy to see developers rushing to create for a new service.

Microsoft's Cloud Gaming Ambitions

Considering Microsoft pegged the Xbox One as a do-it-all living room box, the company somehow slipped on cloud gaming. Sony stole a march with PlayStation Now and Xbox still lacks a cloud gaming component.

Last November, then Xbox chief Phil Spencer discussed the company's ambitions. He said Microsoft plans to have a cloud streaming service within three years. Google may already be on the market by then, but Microsoft may back its more developed gaming ecosystem against its rival.

Rumors earlier this week suggested Microsoft is interested in buying Valve. Acquiring the Steam developer would give Microsoft a ready-made cloud game streaming service. Not just that, the biggest one on the market. However, the proposed deal was shot down by Valve's co-founder, although only in a vague message.

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