Windows 10 Photos ‘Choose a Star’ Remixes Videos to Focus on One Person

Photos' Choose a Star feature automatically zooms, edits, and adds music to focus on a single person. The functionality is perfect for birthday videos or sporting events.

's video editing tools have never been intended for serious editors. The idea is to give users easier ways to create content for their family and friends, and it's new ‘Choose a Star' feature continues in that vein.

Users can now drop a number of videos into and get a highlight reel for a specific person. The result will automatically focus on the person in question while adding and transitions. You can then tweak the clip to your preference, adding effects, annotations, and more.

“Photos will then build a video around the person you choose, pulling in relevant photos and videos, zooming in on your star, and choosing an appropriate theme,” explains Ashlie Little, product marketing manager, Windows.

It's not difficult to see the usage scenarios. You'll be able to create bespoke videos for birthdays, or even from sporting events.

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The feature is rolling out now to all users on the Windows 10 Creators Update, which introduced the OS' feature in full.

The functionality lets users add 3D effects, trim clips, and automatically collate videos. Unfortunately, some of those features are locked behind an subscription. Though users get access to some effects free of charge, some text styles and Music are ‘premium content.'

Thankfully, Choose a Star feature doesn't seem to be restricted. You simply create a new video with music, hit remix, and select a star. It's a powerful new feature that should prove popular with users.