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OneDrive for Business Gets Long-Requested File Restore Feature

OneDrive for Business now lets users restore files via a scrollable activity histogram, helping to protect against corruption and ransomware attacks. It's not clear if the feature will come to personal OneDrive accounts.


Customers have been requesting a file restore feature in OneDrive for some time, and it's finally. At least, for business customers.

A recent update lets users peek at files from any point in the last 30 days, recovering data removed by file corruption, or user error. Heading into the settings menu, users will notice a ‘Restore OneDrive' button that lets them select a custom date and time.

They'll have access to all the files from that day and can scroll between days via an activity timeline. It's then possible to choose specific files for restoration or bulk restore the lot.

For some organizations, it could result in significant time-saving, but it could also help employees find the best version of their work. Incorrect modifications inside of a document can be mitigated by simply restoring the old OneDrive version.

The Increasing Ransomware Threat

It could also protect against ransomware. Last year saw many such attacks, from the devastating WannaCrypt to Petya and Scarab. Organizations are increasingly looking to protect against these threats, and storing in the cloud isn't always a guarantee of safety.

However, isn't giving up on its other products despite this upgrade. It will continue to offer its Data Loss Prevention tools, as well as eDiscovery, customer-owned keys, and more.

Rather than offering something these services don't, the focus of File Restore is ease of use. It means employees can fix their mistakes without going through admins, saving valuable time.

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