This time, the bug fixes and performance improvements addition to the changelog was not trite. A Cortana app update for the Apple iOS App Store shows exactly what the performance improvements are. To be specific, Microsoft says it has increased performance for its virtual assistant by 20%.

So, what does this exactly mean? Well, Microsoft says the app will launch itself 20% faster than it did before. The obvious question is whether the everyday user (that’s you and me) will notice this bump? The company says yes, and the performance boost is noticeable.

Bug fixes and performance improvements. We have all seen this, usually at the end of every update changelog, well, ever. What does this mean and is it just companies ways of covering their asses? We don’t usually know what the bug fixes or improvements actually are.

While it is nice to see Microsoft be open about performance improvements, the company is keeping some things vague. The changelog also features other unspecified performance fixes, which Microsoft attributes to higher productivity levels but does not explain what that means.

Either way, you can check out the app here from Apple App Store. Incidentally, the release brings Cortana up to version 2.6.7 on iOS.

Assistance for Assistant

Microsoft has been accused of not paying enough attention to Cortana, while rivals like Google and Amazon have continued to push AI assistance. Over the last week, Microsoft has put a focus back on its own solution with some significant announcements.

Firstly, the company said it will expand device availability for Cortana through 2018. The company says it is making it easier for manufacturers to implement Cortana Devices SDK into products.

Secondly, a report suggested Microsoft is placing the AI chat into the Windows 10 Action Center. Like Google Assistant, Cortana will apparently interact with users through text. The idea is to persuade users who don’t want to speak into thin air.