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Surface Book 2 Rival Dell XPS 13 2018 Announced and Launched

The Dell XPS 13 has been updated with an innovative new design touch and the latest specs to keep pace with Microsoft’s recently launched Surface Book 2.


CES 2018 is not officially opening its doors until next Monday. However, there is no such things as the calm before the storm with this event, only the storm before the storm. Keynotes will be held over the weekend, but companies are already announcing devices. Dell is the latest with its new XPS 13, one of the most anticipated laptops this year.

Like its rivals, Dell is getting the details of the launch out of the way, allowing CES 2018 to be a pure showcase for its products. The Dell XPS is entering an increasingly competitive field that includes 's and HP's x360 Spectre. Of course, there is also 's MacBook products on the other side of the OS fence.

These days, simply having a well spec'd machine is not enough. Windows devices need to compete with Apple more directly, covering aesthetic bases as well as technological ones.

This shift is as much down to Microsoft as it is Apple. Redmond's Surface devices have set a bar for Windows machines that are sexy and powerful.


Dell was among the first to adopt this ethos with its XPS 13 and the device has become a popular choice. For the updated new version, the company has bumped the internals and delivered a fresh new color.

The carbon fiber Dell XPS 13 has always been a looker, but the material has limitations when it comes to coloring. The company overcame those restrictions by developing an innovative crystalline silica material. This is like a fabric with nine composite levels, allowing the laptop to be a beautiful pearl white.

“Complementing the new rose gold aluminum shell of the XPS 13, the alpine white glass fiber weave is elegant to the eye and silky to the touch. Durable as it is beautiful, atop its soft-textured lattice is titanium oxide for a pearlescent sheen and UV and stain-resistant coatings to prevent yellowing or staining over time. In fact, if you get a pen mark or other stain on the white interior you can just wipe it off. And with a heat resistance superior to metal, woven glass fiber also stays cooler to facilitate longer performance.”

Specs and Availability

Of course, design is subjective, but there is no disputing the quality of the specs here. Microsoft's 2 raised the bar in terms of laptop performance and Dell has responded with the XPS 13.


The device is 30% thinner and weight a hair over 2.5 pounds. Under the hood is Intel's 8th Generation Quad Core processor and SSD configurations up to 1TB. On 1080p resolution, you will get 20 hours of battery according to the company. However, the Dell XPS 13 also supports 4K, so running UHD will bring the battery life down to a still generous 11 hours.

The 2018 Dell XPS 13 will be showcased at CES 2018 next week. The device is available globally from today and starts at $999.99.

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