Microsoft Excel Update Removes Frustrating Cell Selecting Issue

Microsoft Excel users on the Office Insider Program can now deselect cells if they have accidentally selected the wrong amount.

Excel Startup Windows Screenshot

is one of the core features of the Office suite, including the platform. However, the spreadsheet application may be excellent, but it is not perfect. Excel certainly has some frustrations. Luckily, Microsoft is updating the service to solve one of those annoyances. Users in Excel can select multiple cells via the Ctrl key. However, through this method, once multiple cells are selected, they cannot be deselected if too many or too few were chosen. If you misclicked, in the current system you have to start over again. So, basically you cannot deselect cells once they are selected. As I said, frustrating but not a deal breaker by any means. However, the more frustrations we get away from the better. The good news is Microsoft has fixed this issue. Microsoft Excel is getting a new Office build version 1712 (8828.2010). This is a general Office that is now available for members on . The build comes with new features and improvements, one of them being the removal of the Ctrl select issue. It is now possible to deselect cells that have been accidentally chosen. Again, this is hardly a game changing fix, but it will make using Microsoft Excel just that bit easier. If you an Office Insider, you can grab the update now. Among the other changes, Outlook for has improvements made to groups. Specifically, Groups Conversations load faster with the latest update. Users can also double-click to open a new message in a new windows.

Advanced Threat Protection Expansion

Last week, Microsoft launched a new update for Office 365. The main new feature was Advanced Threat Protection making its way to SharePoint, OneDrive, and . The solution is design to stop zero-day exploits before they can corrupt a machine. It is currently available in Office 365 Enterprise E5 and Office 365 Education A5, and it can also be used on Exchange and Office 365 subscription plans.