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SwiftKey Gets ‘Quick Paste’ Feature, Putting Copied Information Right at Your Fingertips

SwiftKey's Quick Paste feature saves all copied information to a clipboard, allowing for quick access straight from the keyboard. It lands alongside extra language and accessibility features.


The owned SwiftKey app just got a significant update on , allowing users to paste information without leaving the keyboard. Called Quick Paste, it lets users access information from the prediction bar by pressing a menu button.

Though it's not a major speed increase, the feature can save some time. Rather than holding down on the screen and waiting for a pop-up menu, the information is two taps away. However, more important than the speed increase is its ability to save history.

With SwitftKey, all copied text is saved to the clipboard. If you're copying and pasting items from multiple documents, it's invaluable. You can even add ‘shortcuts' which will display saved text when you type a certain word or letter. The result is an increase in productivity, and I can see this being particularly useful for professionals who use tablets.

Of course, there are also some . If you use an app like LastPass, you may copy and paste passwords. That's not something you want to be saved in your app forever. As a result, you can turn off the feature in clipboard settings. Currently, there's no ability to save information for a certain time period, but it's still early days.

New Languages and Other Improvements

As well as an overarching feature, this update contains a few niche ones. Firstly, SwiftKey now supports Chamorro, Ju|'hoan, Lisu, Palauan, Piedmontese, Sardinian, and Scots. It means the app will be useful to a wider audience, which is always a good thing. Alongside that are new layouts for Naratgul and VEGA. For the unfamiliar, these are arrangements for Korean letters.

Finally, all of it is joined by accessibility improvements. Androids explore by touch feature lets users slowly drag their finger across the screen and have buttons read to them. SwiftKey has made it easier to long press when using the feature.

These features are available to all users today, regardless of your beta status. You can update to the latest version via the Play Store.

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