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Microsoft Store Rebranding Efforts Extend to Xbox One

Microsoft Store is replacing the Windows Store on PC and will also replace the Xbox Store on Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles.


Earlier this week, we discussed 's rebranding of the . The app marketplace will no longer be called the Windows Store and will instead be called the . A new report from Thurrott suggests the rebranding exercise will also extend to the Store on the .

The differentiates itself from the Windows Store. Its offers applications, but also allows users to buy games. Microsoft has increasingly been blending the experiences with its Universal Windows Platform (UWP) plans.

Xbox content has been available on the Windows 10 store for some time. So, it makes sense that Microsoft is making the rebranding across the board.

As I wrote earlier this week, the rebranding to a universal Microsoft Store for Windows 10, web, bricks and mortar, and Xbox could be confusing. Until this change is completed and settled, I think it is worth reiterating the explanation:

“The confusion came from the fact Microsoft already has a shopping service called the Microsoft Store. The Windows Store was specifically for apps and software services, while the Microsoft Store was for hardware and physical products.

Microsoft did not clarify the situation last week, but it seems the company is unifying both stores. This means the Microsoft Store will replace the Windows 10 Store.”

By unifying the store experience, Microsoft will allow the Store on Windows 10 to serve as a shop front for hardware. This will be a new addition that has previously been unavailable before.

Name Change

As we mentioned before, the Microsoft Store branding initiative is available now in preview. Insiders are currently seeing the new names on Windows 10, and Thurrott says previews for Xbox One are also carrying the new store name.

For end users, Microsoft is expected to finalize the change by time the October 17 release of the Fall Creators Update.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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