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Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Will Allow Hardware Purchases

A week after rebranding the Windows Store as the Microsoft Store, it is clearer that the Windows 10 store will sell hardware as well as apps.


Last week, announced it is rebranding the for to the . While this was confusing at first, it seems the company is unifying its product outlets and will sell hardware through the rebranded store.

The confusion came from the fact Microsoft already has a shopping service called the Microsoft Store. The Windows Store was specifically for apps and software services, while the Microsoft Store was for hardware and physical products.

Microsoft did not clarify the situation last week, but it seems the company is unifying both stores. This means the Microsoft Store will replace the Windows 10 Store and also sell hardware, as well as apps.

That means users will be able to buy hardware from the store on Windows 10, instead of going to the Microsoft Store website.

It is worth pointing out that the feature is not year available. Indeed, the change of name is still only available for Insiders who picked up in a release preview last week. Microsoft is also giving the store a fresh new look to coincide with the name change.

On Windows 10, users will be able to buy Microsoft's own hardware, like the Surface line of devices. If you browse the existing Microsoft Store, you will find plenty of third-party offerings running Windows 10.


The new Store for Windows 10 will also get these third-party offerings, such as laptops, tablets, and fitness trackers.

Microsoft always requires to buy Surface products, and that barrier will remain with the unified experience.

We are now waiting for the company to go official with this feature. As for the new design, you can check out some courtesy of MSPowerUser above. Let us know in the comments if you like the new design.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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