Microsoft has consistently found ways to leverage the power of LinkedIn since acquiring the business network last year. The latest use for the platform arrived at the company’s Ignite conference today. At the Florida event, Microsoft said LinkedIn will fully integrate into Office 365.

LinkedIn will now integrate into Office 365 apps and services. By connecting a LinkedIn account to an Office 365 account, users can get personalized insights in Outlook and other apps.

“Whether it’s a colleague, customer or partner, these details help you better understand who that person is so you can start off on the right foot and collaborate efficiently, even when outside your organization,” a LinkedIn blog post notes.

“But our vision is to help you deepen existing relationships as well — surprising you with what you may not know about the people you work with every day.”

LinkedIn integration in Office 365 allows more insights to appear on a Profile Card. Hovering over a contacts name will allow you to see information from the LinkedIn profile. This information includes where they work, which education they have, and what they do.

This is ideal for organizations who may have frequent emails from people they have never met. The Profile Card integration allows users to see instant information to identify the contact.

Microsoft says the integration will come to Office 365 subscribers in October. It will first be available on the Outlook web app, SharePoint, and OneDrive for Business. As for Outlook desktop, Outlook iOS, and other Office services will arrive in the coming months.

Ignite Announcement

Also at Ignite today, Microsoft revealed its Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams merger. Elsewhere, during its keynote event, the company introduced two new subscription versions of Microsoft 365.