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Mojang Announces MINECON Earth – a Minecraft Live Show Coming This November

MINECON Earth will replace the regular event with a live stream available across the world. Viewings will be available online or at local cinemas, and viewers can order limited edition merchandise for delivery.


Mojang's MINECON conventions have proven immensely successful. Starting as a spontaneous gathering in 2010, it's now made an appearance in Paris, Florida, London, and more. Now the company is taking its conference to the global level, and it's doing it via MINECON Earth.

In essence, the live show plans to take all the best bits of previous events and condense them into one ninety minutes interactive experience.

“The community is still growing”, explains Mojang's Owen Jones, “and there's only a certain number of players we can host while keeping the friendly, intimate community atmosphere that's made previous MINECONs so special.”

MINECON Earth will act a bridge of sorts, giving players the fix they need but forgoing some of the more social and communal aspects. The event will begin on November 18th at 12 pm EST and will be available on various streaming services.


A big part of MINECON is all the themed gifts players can get, and Mojang also has a solution to that. During MINECON Earth, viewers will be able to purchase previously limited edition merch and get it delivered to their door.

To emulate the spirit of creativity, Mojang will also be accepting costume submissions. Players will soon be able to make costumes at home and submit them in an unannounced fashion. There will also be screenings in local cinemas across the world, meaning anybody can attend.

It appears this will replace the regular event, but there are still plenty of other community experiences in the works. Mojang will be giving partners like Minevention, Minefaire, and Blockfest the chance to host official Minecraft Community Events. including tournaments, popular YouTubers, and more. These will happen at a different

These will include tournaments, popular YouTubers, and more. They'll still feature popular YouTubers, tournaments, and more, but should be closer to home.

You can find more information about both on the MINECON Earth website.

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