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Microsoft Exchange Now Syncs in Real Time with Google Calendar

Google Interop lets admins enable real-time free/busy information for their users, as well as track requests and view error messages. The feature will finish rolling out in two day's time.

Source: Shawn Collins, Flikr

Google has announced Calendar Interop, a tool to let Microsoft Exchange and Google calendar work in tandem.

“Today we’re making it easier to manage the coexistence of Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange Server (including Office 365) within your organization. We’re starting by supporting real-time free/busy lookups between the two systems within the same organization on both mobile and web,” said the company in a blog post.

The functionality will be a great assistance to companies who use a hybrid of G Suite and Exchange, allowing for real-time free/busy information, support for Outlook 2010+ clients, and more.

New Admin Features

Importantly, it also gives admins more tools. They can turn Calendar Interlop on for a domain, use automated tools to verify set up, and view error messages. Naturally, they’ll also be able to track cross-system user requests for free/busy information using the Google Admin console.

It’s worth noting that the restriction was less of an intentional restriction and more a case of time. Google did offer some syncing features with Exchange 2007 and 2010, but it didn’t work automatically or in real time. Ther setup was also much more complicated and required use of a public Exchange folder.

Google has been slow to update their functionality with new software, but it’s at least done it well this time. The interop tool is far easier to use, simply requiring you to check a box in admin console dashboard.

The feature is rolling out to users gradually over the new couple of days and should be with the majority soon. The company has suggested this is just the beginning of a better relationship between the two services.