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Mike Ybarra Confirms USB Webcam Support and UI Changes for the Xbox One X

The Xbox One X will keep the same UI as the other consoles, but all will change significantly, confirms Xbox CVP Mike Ybarra. There have also been hints of performance improvements, and steady support for both USB devices and plug and play hard drive functionality.


Microsoft is planning great changes for Windows 10, already beginning to implement its Fluent Design principles in Insider builds. However, the OS is less of a PC exclusive and more of a platform across devices, leaving gamers wondering if those changes will come to the Xbox One X.

Xbox’s Mike Ybarra has shed a little light on that, but it’s not entirely illuminating. On Twitter earlier this month the CVP was asked if the UI and home screen would be the same on the new console.

He replied, “They’ll be the same, but different from what you see today.”

It’s a bit of a riddle, but it seems Ybarra is suggesting a change across all of the consoles.

The natural assumption is that Fluent Design will come to Xbox, but there’s no official confirmation of that yet.

However, Ybarra has provided some extra hints. When asked about a speed boost, the exec noted that they’re always working to improve such things. Not a firm commitment, but a good indication nonetheless.

USB Webcam Support

Thankfully, we have some more rigid information to tide us over. Ybarra confirmed that USB support is coming to the Xbox One X. That’s a massive plus for streamers and YouTubers, as webcams should work out of the box with the console.

Of course, with the transition to a new console, a lot of users won’t want to download all of their games again.

It seems that Microsoft is aware of this, and by large the console will support plug and play functionality with external hard drives.

The only caveat is that some games may require an update before you can run them. This may be to support things like 4K and the Xbox One X’s other new capabilities. That could slow down the process somewhat as more games get support, but in general it’s a simple experience.

It seems the Xbox is close to being all set for its launch, and no doubt more information will arrive in the coming weeks once pre-orders become available.

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