Microsoft is just a few months away from launching the Xbox One X. The most powerful console ever made will make its debut to customers on November 7. With the countdown well underway, many Xbox fans are itching to pre-order the console.

Today, Xbox chief Phil Spencer confirmed that pre-orders will be opening soon. Asked about the availability on Twitter, Spencer said all regulatory approvals have been cleared. This is usually among the last steps before a product is made available.

Spencer says all information, including pre-order availability “won’t be too much longer”. While he did not offer any concrete dates, the executive’s hints suggest maybe pre-orders will open in August. Gamescom is taking place next month. The European event will undoubtedly see Microsoft show off the One X outside of the US and we could hear full pre-order details around that time.

While the confirmation of approval is nice, it was already suspected. Microsoft updated its Xbox One X store listing page a week ago. This company now allows customers to follow the console for pre-order details.

It was also unofficially revealed that the device has passed FCC clearance, meaning it is able to be sold in the United States.

Xbox One X Availability

Just last week, we discussed the potential of the Xbox One X from a sales perspective. It is already clear that the console is the most powerful, even compared to Sony’s PS4 Pro flagship. However, market analysts and general console trends suggest the Xbox One X will not sell as well as the PS4.

However, that does not mean Microsoft’s new device will be a flop. Far from it, we expect the Xbox One X to sell very well, but more towards a high-end niche device as opposed to an all-consuming product.

Pre-orders will almost certainly reflect that many gamers are eager for this console. Microsoft has said sales are not necessarily a focus for the release.