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WhatsApp Pushes for Business with More File Support and Enhanced Size Limit

A major update for WhatsApp on Android and iOS introduces .apk and .zip support as the app continues to move towards Slack and Microsoft Teams.


has made a significant update that introduces one of the most frequently asked for features. Specifically, the communication app now supports many kinds of file types. This means users can now send files to each other, introducing new formats to support. With this update, WhatsApp on and iOS moves to version 2.17.254.

Until now, WhatsApp users have been able to send .pdf, .docx, .xLsx, and other common file formats. Today, the update has added the ability to send .apk and .zip extensions. This is pivotal because all kinds of content can be sent across users in zip format.

Additionally, third-party app download links and other linked content can be sent. As WhatsApp has expended its file support, the service has become much more viable as a business tool. Enterprise is increasingly important for chat services.

There are dedicated work-based chat solutions like Teams and Slack. WhatsApp is in a competitive field and basic business-oriented features are becoming essential.

To ensure file sharing goes smoothly, the company has bumped the size limit from 30MB to 100MB on Android. For users on 's iOS, the limit has increased to 128MB. Additionally, there is also support for uncompressed image files. This first-time feature replaces a limitation where images could on be sent compressed.

Attaching files remain the same. Users can select the ‘share' options next to a file they wish to share. Alternatively, from within the app users can tap the paperclip attachment icon. As with other media shared on WhatsApp, it will also appear in your device. In this instance, files will appear in the download folder.

Big Update

The changes do not stop with file sharing extensions. WhatsApp also has a changed media sharing and voice calling experience.

For media sharing, users are not getting any new functionality, but there are some aesthetic changes. Specifically, the app now bundles bulk images and files into one single folder.

In terms of voice calling, the interface has been changed. Users must now swipe upwards to take a voice call, as opposed to sideways in the old system.

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