Microsoft has announced new updates to the SQL Server Management Pack family. The company has sent out releases across SQL Server versions 2008, 2012, 2014, and 2016. Across the updates, Microsoft has made multiple fixes and issued some new features across the builds.

Included in the update are System Center Management Pack, Server Replication, Server Analysis, Reporting Services, and Server Dashboards. This release is build number

The System Management Pack for SQL Server allows users to discover and monitor database engines and server agents. Microsoft has issued updates for SQL Server 2014 and 2016:

System Management Pack for Server Replication gives tools to monitor the Replication as a set of technologies. This allows customers to copy and distribute data from one database to another. Replicated data can be synced between databases. Microsoft has updated this pack across SQL Server 2008 to 2016.

Customer monitoring Instance, Partitions, and Databases can use Analysis Services. The latest update round covers releases from 2008 to 2016.

Instance and Deployments can be monitored through Reporting Services, which also getting updates across versions 2008 to 2016, in Native Mode.

Lastly, Microsoft has also update the System Center Management Pack for SQL Server Dashboard.

Across these multiple updates, the company has issued numerous fixes and also added some features. Here is the full changelog:

New SQL Server 2008-2016 MP Features and Fixes (

  • Added new “Availability Database Backup Status” monitor in Availability Group to check the existence and age of the availability database backups (this monitor is disabled by default)
  • “Database Backup Status” monitor has been changed to return only “Healthy” state for the databases that are Always On replicas, since availability database backups are now watched by the dedicated monitor
  • Improved performance of DB Space monitoring workflows
  • Added new “Login failed” alerting rule for SQL Server event #18456
  • Fixed issue: “Active Alerts” view does not show all alerts
  • Fixed issue: DB space monitoring scripts fail with “Cannot connect to database” error.
  • Solved issue: PowerShell scripts fail with “Cannot process argument because the value of argument ‘obj’ is null” error
  • Fixed issue: Alert description of “Disk Ready Latency” and “Disk Write Latency” monitors displays the sample count instead of the performance value that was measured
  • Issue: Different file location info from “sys.master_files” and “sysfiles” causes error when Availability Group secondary database files are in different path
  • Fixed issue: “DB Transaction Log Free Space Total” rules return wrong data
  • Introduced minor updates to the display strings
  • Deprecated “Garbage Collection” monitor and the appropriate performance rule
  • Resource Pool Discovery is disabled by default for pools not containing databases with Memory-Optimized Tables
  • “XTP Configuration” monitor now supports different file path types (not only those starting with C:, D:, etc.)
  • Fixed issue: “Resource Pool State” view shows incorrect set of objects
  • Fixed issue: Invalid group discovery in SQL Server 2016 Always On
  • Updated the visualization library

New SQL Server 2008-2016 Replication MP Features and Fixes (

  • Added Distributor name caching to Subscription discovery
  • Restricted the length of some string class properties
  • Improved the internal structure of SQL scripts storage
  • Fixed variable types in SQL scripts
  • Fixed connectivity issues in SmartConnect module
  • Introduced minor updates to the display strings
  • Updated the visualization library

New SQL Server 2008-2016 Reporting Services MP Features and Fixes (

  • Reimplemented Instance seed discovery: replaced the managed module with a PowerShell script
  • Reimplemented Deployment seed discovery: added a retry policy and improved error handling
  • Updated the visualization library

New SQL Server 2008-2016 Analysis Services MP Features and Fixes (

  • Restricted length of some string class properties
  • Updated the visualization library

New SQL Server Dashboards MP Features and Fixes (

  • Increased the version number to comply with the current version of SQL Server MPs