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Microsoft to Shut down Parature and Migrate Users to Dynamics 365

Parature users have until May 15, 2018 to migrate their data over to Dynamics 365 or they will risk data loss. Microsoft is working on an automatic tool to aid this, which will launch 'in the coming months'.


It feels a long time since acquired Parature, and the Redmond giant seems to think the same. It's finally announced plans to sunset the solution in favor of its Dynamics 365 offering.

For those unfamiliar with Parature, it was purchased by Microsoft for around $100 million in 2014. At the time, the customer care service vendor had 100 employees, who then joined the company. Parature's strong points were quickly integrated into , but Microsoft said it would still offer it as a standalone service.

That changed at the end of last year when reports said the Redmond giant was preparing to shut down. In May, Microsoft confirmed this via a blog post, but it was largely unheard.

Data Migration Tool

Thankfully, Parature users still have a little while yet. The cut of date is May 15, 2018, so there's not far off a year to move to Dynamics 365.

“Customers may continue to use Parature per the terms of their agreement, and it will be supported until either their migration has been completed, or until May 15, 2018, at which point all support for Parature ends and the service will be terminated,” explains the company. “Customers who choose not to migrate will have 90 days after the service is discontinued on May 15, 2018 to retrieve their data.”

To make things easier, Microsoft is working on a migration tool for accounts, contacts, cases, tickets and more. Unfortunately, it's not yet available, though it should be here “in the coming months”.

In the meantime, customers can migrate manually, but it's probably worth the wait.

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